What A GOP Candidate Is Up Against

The GOP candidate in Hawaii starts with not just the disadvantage of a moribund and broke Republican Party but as well faces a vigorous  Democrat Party.

For instance a Democrat candidate can hold a fund raising event that sells tickets costing up to the maximum donation amount for the office their seeking.  The in or out of office Democrat politician can take money from their own Political Action Committee (often worth tens of thousands of dollars or more) and purchase a maximum of two tickets.

So ten couples attending a Democrat candidates fund raiser could potentially give $40,000.00 of other peoples money while the typical GOP candidate is struggling to raise a few hundred or a few thousand dollars!

And, this doesn’t take into account the regular donations, the union donations and large political action donations such as Act Blue

As well the Democrat party has no problem attracting viable candidates who are essentially guaranteed a place in office.   That initial office be it in the City Council or the House of Representatives is often a stepping stone for the State Senate or for Federal office.  The experience gained, the legislation passed and connections made build a powerful constituency groups that can assist a Democrat politician through their entire career.

This is why having a powerful, modern, well organized and funded New Republican Party is essential for making political progress in our State.