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No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.

Abraham Lincoln

Republicans in Hawaii expect real Solutions and Leadership
Events in our state and throughout our nation has made the need for a strong Republican Party in Hawaii of critical importance.   No special interest group, citizen activist or candidate can make headway without the coalition building ability of a well organized party structure.

The existing party structure has proven to be the worst performing GOP in the nation, a distinction so entrenched, that no modification in party leadership or style has any hope of mitigating.

The history of the existing party leaves an “unguarded flank” open to being attacked.    With its history of serving the monopoly held by large landowners in Hawaii and their exploitation of labor along with its deep connection with the apparatus of  Hawaii’s one party state, there are too many issues an adversary  can exploit to defeat any rise in political fortunes.

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“Local government in Hawaii differs greatly from local government on the mainland United States. Hawaii has a highly centralized system of government, which the Territory administering many functions which on the mainland are handled by local government, there are only the City and County of Honolulu, the four Outer Island·

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Hawaii’s journey to a one-party system is a result of different political choices made over the past 200 years.   Understanding this journey is vital in dealing head-on with modern Hawaii and its political challenges   After the death of Kamehameha the Great his wife Queen Kaahumanu and his son Liholiho

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All the problems contained in the old party structure can be overcome by a New Republican Party of Hawaii.  A New GOP can permanently overcome past missteps while building a new, dynamic and effective party structure.

By having the legitimacy of gaining support and approval by Hawaii’s citizens via the party petition process the New Republican Party of Hawaii can rightfully carry the banner of the party of Reform and Renewal and by so doing decisively change the trajectory of politics in Hawaii.      

With dynamic new ideas and a common sense hands-on approach to society and government we can expect to gain traction with those wanting a party that’s a clear voice for opportunity and solutions.

Emboldened by the eternal values espoused by our first Republican president we will work to bring to a new generation the promise of a government:

  • Of the People
  • By the People
  • And for the People 

Hawaii and the nation needs a powerful New Republican Party of Hawaii able to unite citizens, influence culture and win elections!

A Bright Republican Future For Hawaii
Together we can develop an agenda for Broad Based Economic Development

School Choice In Hawaii
Education as a function to be encourage by government reflected the New England sensibilities of many of the signers of the Northwest Ordinance.
Going Big!
Republicanism goes back to the Roman era and signifies the attempt of humanity to have a government that brings out the best in people while seeking to control the worst in human behavior.
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New GOP Hawaii
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What Is The Purpose Of The New Republican Party?
  • To Defend Individual Human Rights As Stated In The Declaration Of Independence
  • To Promote Freedom And Prosperity In Our State And Nation As Outlined In The Constitution

Of The People

A Party for the disenfranchised
By The People
A Party of common sense
For The People
A Party of real progress
The problems of victory are no more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult
Winston Churchill